What we saw on Capitol Hill accurately depicted how broken America’s democracy is today. Donald Trump Jr. and his supporters lifted the veil and brought into the light the pure ugliness America fosters under her red, white, and blue flag. This domestic act of terrorism via insurgency is the furthest thing from patriotism America has seen since the confederacy. This was an attack on democracy. This was an act of terrorism. This is America. 

The world is watching and is appalled. The delusions and conspiracies Trump continues to perpetuate has further poisoned the minds of his supporters which warrant to be called mindless after the events of today. When the Black Lives Matters protesters protested peacefully they were labeled as rioters and treated violently and unjustly. They were brutally beaten and shot with rubber bullets. Where are the rubber bullets today? Do violent Trump supporters committing a criminal offense to America and democracy not qualify for the usage of such measures? Does their unjustified rioting not warrant a similar or worse treatment than the BLM protesters received over the summer? Trump supporters, the same people who claimed to “Back the Blue” now shout and scream obscenities in the face of police officers calling them traitors. Yet no one has thrown them to the ground, no one has spat to their face, they haven’t been brutally beaten and targeted with violent weapons. They have been gently nudged despite their criminal offenses and their violation of the 6pm to 6am curfew which DC Mayor Muriel Bowser ordered. America, your true colours are showing and I’m afraid to say they are not red, white, and blue… they are black and white.

The Trump supporters` hypocrisy is on full display tonight. They claim to respect the law and love their country yet they break into the Capitol whilst waving their confederate flags. Let’s not forget that Trump has motivated these masses, fueling the flames with passive tweets which praise their actions, rallying them from behind the plexi glass and failing to reprimand them. There is no question in the matter that this mob was rallied by Trump himself, a terrifyingly delusional man. This is a disgrace to America, to democracy, and to its people. Oddly enough America is under siege by her own people. They have lit the match and are setting their own home on fire and the reasons for it are baffling. We are witnessing a herd mentality motivated by utter fake news, conspiracies, and lies spewed by Trump. America has fallen. It is a truly appalling and horrific day for her history. A country whose democracy is supposed to be absolute has demonstrated how easily that democracy can fall when its people act violently and use force in order to undermine a fair and democratic election. I see no patriots on Capitol Hill. I see terrorists. 

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