Plot Politics is a blog dedicated to analyzing emerging global conflicts/challenges. We comment on ongoing political issues, offering a fresh perspective and host a space wherein individuals from various backgrounds can join the conversation and weigh in on the current political climate of our world. We are dedicated to help you spot the plot of complex political issues: past, ongoing, and their implications for the future. 

Plot Politics started off in October 2020, when Founder Costanza Marino put together a small team of fellow Political Science and International Affairs students who wished to share their privileged knowledge with others. Due to the pressures that COVID put on all students across the world, Plot Politics experienced a severe halt and for a while the idea was put aside and the blog was left to gather virtual dust. 

In May of 2021, after having completed her studies, Costanza decided to relaunch Plot Politics in hopes to stay true to the mission it had set for itself. As of now, our team has greatly expanded, and will continue to do so. We welcome new talented writers and editors from all walks of life, we hope to keep growing and stay true to our mission.