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Will Guyana Essequiba become the 21-century Falklands?

On the 3rd of December, the Venezuelan people voted in a consultative referendum on how the country should position herself with regards to the century-long Essequibo Dispute, between Venezuela and Guyana. More specifically, the referendum asked five questions, four of which concerning how the Venezuelan Government should act in relation to the international treaties currently … Continue reading Will Guyana Essequiba become the 21-century Falklands?

A Breeze of Democracy?

Since 2013, Venezuela has been on a continuous downward spiral after Maduro assumed the role of presidency, following the death of Hugo Chávez. Little by little, Maduro, with the military by his side, instituted and inserted non-democratic traits into the political institutions such as: persecuting of civil activism, silencing freedom of speech, curtailing free press, … Continue reading A Breeze of Democracy?