The Ethics of Eating

Attempting to decipher what constitutes a “good” or a “bad” business or industry is an impossible task because to call any business good is a paradox. Companies exist because they have a desirable good or service, but profit is what companies need in order to survive. Therefore the profits of a business are the only … Continue reading The Ethics of Eating

A Breeze of Democracy?

Since 2013, Venezuela has been on a continuous downward spiral after Maduro assumed the role of presidency, following the death of Hugo Chávez. Little by little, Maduro, with the military by his side, instituted and inserted non-democratic traits into the political institutions such as: persecuting of civil activism, silencing freedom of speech, curtailing free press, … Continue reading A Breeze of Democracy?

Is Representative Democracy the Best Option for Africa?

Representative democracy is a “system of government in which citizens elect representatives who propose and vote on legislation or policy initiatives on their behalf. It’s a form of indirect democracy, as opposed to a direct democracy, in which people vote directly on policy initiatives” The debate as to whether representative democracy is the best system of government for … Continue reading Is Representative Democracy the Best Option for Africa?