Smart-Workers Right to Disconnect

On January the 21st, 2021, the European Parliament voted a resolution, 2019/2181(INL), containing recommendations to the European Commission on the Right to Disconnect. These recommendations are concerning the new requested directive on the Right to Disconnect. It should be noted that, currently, a specific legislation related to the Smart-Worker's Right to Disconnect does not exist. … Continue reading Smart-Workers Right to Disconnect

EU Digital COVID Certification

Last May the 20th a provisional political agreement between European Parliament and the Council on the Regulation governing the EU Digital Covid Certificate was reached. This certificate, previously known as Digital Green Certificate, will be a fundamental tool for travelling across Europe. It’s expected to be operative from the end of June and will allow … Continue reading EU Digital COVID Certification

Governments and “Diplomacy of Vaccines” in Times of Pandemic

A late 19th century French dramatist, Pierre-Adrien de Courcelle, once said that “Diplomacy is the longest route between two points”. This line contains the ambiguous nature of diplomacy, the dichotomy between what could be possible, and what is actually possible, given the ties imposed by the geopolitical context. The awareness that this nature often leads … Continue reading Governments and “Diplomacy of Vaccines” in Times of Pandemic